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Every Thursday take the subway to Buenos Aires!

We been teaching and dancing for many years in New York City, and still going strong.
Come visit us every Thursday, rain or shine, Thanksgiving or not! We are always open.

From 7 to 8pm we teach for total beginners. No need for a partner or an appointment.
The beginners class is ongoing and open for all. No, you do not have two left feet!

From 8 to 9:30pm is the intermediate class. Every week different instructors from all over
the world teach the intermediate level. Each Thursday you have the opportunity to better
your Tango skills with somebody new, somebody famous, somebody great!

And then…. we dance, dance, and dance, till 2am!
what else do you want?

a piece of Buenos Aires



This Thursday

December 1st

Sid Grant & Claudio Marcelo Vidal

Performance 11:30

We will rafle a pair of Señor Tacon Shoes and a Wig so you can look as fabulous as this two!

Intermediate class 8 to 9:30 by

Maria Jose


Tioma Maloratsky

The Sid “el tangringo” Grant has been teaching the joy and beauty of Tango for thirteen years. He teaches, performs and dances all over the world and makes his home in NYC!
In 2011, Sidney and his professional partner Gayle Madeira won the USA Argentine Tango Salon Championship in New York City, the first and only time an openly gay man won the competition. Through Sid’s not-for-profit arts initiative BALLROOM BASIX™ (, he and his team have taught over 4,000 schoolchildren the basics of social ballroom and Latin dance.

In his tango classes, Sid uses humor and a huge heart to share the best of what he’s learned to truly enhance subtlety, musicality and connection. Don’t miss this opportunity to study with him. Dancers of ALL LEVELS will benefit from his compassionate, insightful and unique instruction.

Claudio Marcelo Vidal is the first male dancer in the history of the Mundial (Tango World Championships) to wear heels, for which the two largest newspapers in Argentina interviewed him.

He has danced tango socially since he was a young child, as his mother regularly attended milongas in his hometown of Moron. Claudio has been active in the Queer Tango scene for many years, and met Sidney at La Marshall, the famous Queer Milonga in Buenos Aires, 7 years ago.





Tango La Nacional
239 West 14th street, New York, NY

A, C, E, L, 1, 2, and 3 Trains

Admission $15 (classes included)

Juan Pablo Vicente

Coco Arregui